Name: Chylissa Chanté Position: Founder

Chylissa Chanté

What led you to create Chylissa Chanté? Please tell us a bit about yourself:

I am Chylissa Brooks and I am the first generation of breaking generational curses. I work hard every day since a child to help my family and to ensure that my grandchildren will know that they matter to this world. 

Chylissa Chanté was started to inspire people that look just like me. I wanted to show the little me that life is hard but don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t let the worlds challenges that have been orchestrated and organized against our people stop you. Then In 2021 it got a lot deeper when my dad passed. I had to deal with the relaunch of my brand, as well as the tough realty of what it is like growing up with a black father that is struggling with mental health. My small business speaks more than just to sustainability, and ethical trade, it is about empowerment and encouragement and overcoming life´s obstacles. 

We have lost the value of how creative and personal getting dressed can be and with Chylissa Chanté we want to remind you that you matter and to be gentle with yourself and the world around you. Winning in this goal means more to me than what it can do for my business, it is about what it will do for a community of people.

When (and why) was your brand created and what products do you sell?

I started my brand the year I graduated college from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2016. It has since evolved into a sustainable sexy streetwear brand. We sell women’s RTW clothing, and body butters, all made here in the USA. 

Who are your target clients?

Target clients are young working professionals and entrepreneurs with disposable income and who care deeply about how their every day effects the planet we share. 

Is reducing the amount of plastic waste important to you as a brand and why? 

Reducing the amount of plastic waste is of huge importance to me, being that plastics are a main contributor to our global environmental issues. Almost half of all plastics ever manufactured have been made within the last 15 years. Being that it can not be used an infinite number of times, it is very important to me to try to reduce the use of plastic packaging, if not find ways to eliminate my usage completely. 

 Please tell us about any problems you have had in sourcing sustainable packaging

When I first started looking in 2016, the wide variety was not an option for me. I struggled finding sustainable poly bags or even eco friendly boxes. The garment poly bags have to have been the hardest thing for me to source because I didn’t want frosted bags and that was the only product on offer.

How important is your brands packaging to your brand image?

My brand and it´s packaging is super important to me because it creates an experience and tells a story. I love to shop sustainably and reused, so when I see great packaging reminding me to care for the earth or to recycle, it makes my day. 

Please tell us about any feedback you have had from clients about your Eco Garment Bags.

People love how secure they are. Its something both the client and I can be reassured that the garments are protected and so is the environment. I couldn’t have found a better Eco Garment bag. 

Do you feel that the use of Eco Garment Bags has helped the overall sustainability image of your brand?

I think all brands need to be thinking about the planet first and not the bottom line, and these eco garment bags help you do just that. These bags are one of the first things my customers see before they get the chance to see the items. There is such a huge sustainable message within my packaging that can only leave them with an overall sustainable image!

Would you recommend the use of Eco Garment Bags for other fashion brands?

I would recommend these bags not only to garment brands but to anyone selling a product. How great would the large bags be to ship out custom artworks and post cards? This can be used for all your shipping needs!

In a few sentences, please tell us what you love about using Eco Garment Bags.

I love that I don’t have to compromise on my garment bags, and they can follow the same sustainable image as the rest of my packaging. My Be Gentle hoodies fit in these bags perfectly, and I can’t wait to continue to expand our collections to see how everything looks when shipping out. It means so much to me to do something good and bigger than myself. These bags have allowed me to really be able to step into all that I dreamed of for this brand. Only bigger and better is to come for us!

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I appreciate the help of the team when ordering my bags. Had so many questions but the team sent images of samples and dyeline to show what I was getting. It was a great experience.

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Facebook: @chylissachante