Name: Sam Page Position: Executive Director


What led you to create Goarmy? Please tell us a bit about yourself :

Goarmy was created to provide good quality outdoor clothing and equipment at a reasonable price. Personally I love being outside and growing up in Scotland I have been very lucky to have access to some of the best landscapes in the world. However I always found it difficult to find decent outdoor equipment that didn’t cost a fortune. Thus GoArmy was born. 

When (and why) was your brand created and what products do you sell?

GoArmy is an army surplus ecommerce brand which was launched in February 2017. We buy used clothing and equipment which is in surplus from many armies around the world. It takes great quality gear which would otherwise be thrown out or destroyed and gives people an opportunity to give it a second life. We love surplus gear because of the high quality but low price tag. Another reason we love surplus is that its environmental impact is next to none! It’s a clean green army machine.  

Who are your target clients?

We have a wide spectrum of people who buy from us. Outdoor enthusiasts are probably the most common. Since we have a wide array of outdoor clothing and camping equipment suited for any environment out there. 

Is reducing the amount of plastic waste important to you as a brand and why?

Yes we feel responsible as a brand who is creating a lot of waste to minimise the amount of plastic we are producing. Plastic can take hundreds of years to break down, pollutes our rivers and oceans, causes harm to sea life and land animals, and destroys the beauty of our environment. We therefore find it very important to reduce plastic waste. 

What kind of packaging is your brand looking for?

We are looking for packaging that is biodegradable and compostable no matter where it ends up. The components left over after breaking down should not have any harmful effects to the surrounding environment.  

Please tell us about any problems you have had in sourcing sustainable packaging

We have found it incredibly difficult to find packing which is compostable and biodegradable in the current market. We have found that there are a lot of companies claiming packing as being “eco friendly” but on delving deeper into the materials we found this to be far from the truth. There is a real lack of good information on the subject and a lot of false claims being made out there.

How important is your brands packaging to your brand image

We feel it is very important. There is a big push globally to find sustainable solutions for everything at the moment and brands need to be seen to be taking responsibility for this. With this in mind it shows that we are a mature, responsible company. A company with such an image builds trust with its customers and makes them a more favourable choice to buy from. 

Please tell us about any feedback you have had from clients about your Eco Garment Bags

Yeah people love it. We encourage them to try dissolving the bags in hot water when they receive them and their reactions are always of surprise and excitement that this technology exists. 

Do you feel that the use of Eco Garment Bags has helped the overall sustainability image of your brand?

Yes, without a doubt. We have a competitive edge over our competitors who are not using sustainable packaging. We find customers are far more likely to choose a brand that is environmentally conscious over one that is not. 

Would you recommend the use of Eco Garment Bags for other fashion brands?

Yes! These bags are a game changer and would encourage any other brands to start using them. 

In one a few sentences, please tell us what you love about using Eco Garment Bags

Biodegradable, compostable and no harmful end of life effects.  It’s a no brainer.