Name: James Wright Position: Founder


What led you to create Hoy? Please tell us a bit about yourself:

Having spent many years in the surf industry and following my exit from another brand that I co-founded back in 2011, I created a brand that draws inspiration from everything that makes me tick. Having had 20+ years experience working with clothing and mostly in the surf industry, I wanted to bring my experience and knowledge into something new and fresh. 

When (and why) was your brand created and what products do you sell?

Created in September 2020, Without pigeon-holing Hoy into one space, the designs, ethos, attitude and product mix are inspired by skateboarding, surfing, art, music, movies and whatever else turns my head. I use organic materials and processes whereever possible and skilled local individuals for the specific hand – finishing of products. At it’s core, Hoy sells casual men’s and women’s clothing and it’s finding great success with headwear.

Hoy also creates products for other brands, events and business under the name Hoy Studio . This enables me to offer Eco Garment Bags to my B2B clients which in turn spreads the sustainable packaging message. 

Who are your target clients?

Anyone who appreciates quality, comfortable clothing with a real brand story. 

Is reducing the amount of plastic waste important to you as a brand and why? 

Yes, very much so. I’ve spent the last 12 years living by the sea and spending a good amount of time in it, from mid summer to mid winter, the ocean has provided me immense fun and an incredible escape from the norm. Beyond this, nature and mother earth is hugely important to me and protecting what we have must be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. 

What kind of packaging is your brand looking for?

What kind of packaging is your brand looking for?

Since day one, I have only used eco aware packaging. Recently discovering Eco Garment Bags upped the game. These will now be Hoy’s go-to garment packaging bags.

Do you feel that the use of Eco Garment Bags has helped the overall sustainability image of your brand?

I think all brands need to be thinking about the planet first and not the bottom line, and these eco garment bags help you do just that. These bags are one of the first things my customers see before they get the chance to see the items. There is such a huge sustainable message within my packaging that can only leave them with an overall sustainable image!

Would you recommend the use of Eco Garment Bags for other fashion brands?

Absolutely - aside from the great value for money and perfect functionality, it’s hugely important for everyone who can to use this packaging. 

Please tell us about any problems you have had in sourcing sustainable packaging

I think finding something that seems to be eco is fairly easy but ticking all the boxes is where it becomes difficult. Eco Garment Bags, however covers all bases. 

How important is your brands packaging to your brand image?

Extremely. A brand is a whole experience, from a social presence, to website experience, to receiving a packaged product through the post and beyond.

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