Eco Garment Bags are made using ground breaking technology that combines the positive attributes of single-use plastics (strength, transparency & durability), whilst causing no harm to the environment. They are made from Hydropol™, a unique technology developed by British company Aquapak.

The base material we use in our garment bags is a polyvinyl alcohol, a material already well known as being biodegradable in both aerobic conditions (soil, compost & freshwater) and anaerobic conditions (sewerage & landfills) as well as dissolvable. You will likely have come across it as the plastic looking cover of your dishwasher tablets or in dissolvable surgical stitches.

It has taken 10 years of research and development to change the material into a hydrolised film.  The resulting material is Hydropol™ by British company Aquapak. 

With a variety of possible applications, Eco Garment Bags has selected this technology for the fashion industry to replace the single use polybag due to its clarity and strength of material and unbeatable end of life features. 



Our garment bags have been commercially available for 24 months and are produced in Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia with further factories being added in Europe and the USA in 2022.

Conventional plastic garment bags are hydrophobic (they fail to mix with water), and take decades to degrade into smaller pieces of toxic micro plastics. Hydropol™ however is hydrophillic (it dissolves in water). It will dissolve almost immediately in water over 66°C and will take roughly 12 months (depending on conditions) to completely degrade in the environment. Our bags leave behind no micro plastics or any other harmful materials.